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Top Industries That Benefit From Plastic Components Manufactured In India

About Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic is a widely used material in commercial as well as consumer goods. It is one component that you will find in any home appliance, vehicles of any kind, consumer goods, machinery and more. Injection moulding is a common process that is used by plastic components manufacturers across India to make custom plastics which are used in various industries. We are the leading plastic manufacturing company in India who are involved in introducing precision plastic components of all shapes and sizes that can be used in a large automobile to bottle caps.

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of injection moulding have made it possible to produce millions of identical plastic components within a short time. This has created an endless opportunity for plastic and its various components to find significance in different industries. Injection moulding is a versatile manufacturing solution that can produce durable plastic while keeping the manufacturing cost low. Making precision parts in high volume is an important characteristic that has made plastics a common item used across all products.

Injection Moulding

Plastic Components Manufacturers In India Swear By These Industries

We make plastic components that are used in cars and precision parts that are used in surgical procedures. There are different types of resins and additive plastics that are used for unique purposes and increases the flexibility of the engineers and designers. Smaller machines can produce precise plastic components whereas larger machines can mould car components. The cost-effectiveness of producing each part with different finish options have contributed to its popularity in different manufacturing industries. We have been providing innovative manufacturing solutions to all our customers across India in various industrial sectors.

Medical and pharmaceutical is another industry that requires volumes of precision plastic parts with the highest quality. A lot of tools and equipment used by doctors and nurses are made out of plastics. Plastic resins of manufacturing grade are best used for this purpose. Different factors like tolerances to impact, superior tensile strength and resistance to high temperature have made plastic resins an ideal material for medical use. It reduces material waste, cost, weight, lead time and offering flexibility by accommodating complex designs. Different medical products made out of injection moulding are disposable forceps, vials, cups, jars, tubing connectors and more.

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The food industry is one of the largest industries in the world and there are more millions of food chains and restaurants around the planet doing brisk business. Plastic components are used in the form of utensils, equipment, packaging, and others. All of these can be made easily through injection moulding. There are other options like glass and stainless steel but they are quite expensive to produce and tough to maintain. Plastic goods reduce a lot of work in the kitchen. The employees will have less amount of washing dishes.

Plastic components are commonly used in the food and beverage industries. We have partnered with many foods and beverage companies to provide high-quality injection molding components for different processing and packaging applications. This includes conveyor system components, beverage over caps, processing equipment components, beverage filtering components, and food and beverage containers. Food and beverage industries need to follow several standards and specifications as they have to provide optimal safety for human health. The plastic components must be non-toxic and BPA free. Several food grade materials can be used as per specification based on the application.

Plastic Components In Other Industries

Electronic items are now an integral part of our lives. We make components for the fridge, washing machine, TV, phones, computers and more. The main framework and the parts that hold all the electrical components together is made of plastic. All electronic devices require plastic casing to hold them together. The base of the TV and the frame are all in plastic. Plastic does not expand or even absorb like other metals. In India, though concrete and steel are the staple construction materials, plastic is also used as alternatives. Plastic is slowly replacing steel frames in windows and doors as they do not expand, lighter, low cost and easy to install. Toys are another popular industry that heavily uses plastic. Plastic can produce accurate and durable toys that can last longer than any other material.