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Tree Planting Ceremony at Irrungattukotai facility
November 28, 2020

Tree Planting Ceremony At Irrungattukotai

On 19th of March 2011, Mr M.S.Parthasarathy, Chairman and Managing Director of TPI Group, planted a mango tree at the Irrungattukottai facility to symbolize his contribution to the company, and to the small scale movement in India for over 5 decades . Tree planting is a very important function for the Hindus and that too, the planting of a mango tree. The planting of a mango tree ,by Mr M.S.Parthasarathy, also symbolizes celebration representing growth of the company and the good health of all families dependant on the company

The mango tree is considered very sacred and pure by the Hindus . Mango leaves are used decorate archways and doors in Indian houses especially during wedding and functions . The mango is considered as of one of three Royal Fruits ( the other two being Jack fruit and Banana).

Mr M.S.Parthasarathy left his mark on the company symbolically by imprinting his signature and his palm print in concrete. The stainless steel shovel used during the tree planting ceremony has been permanently cast in concrete block leaving a reminder for the future generations his contribution to society both as an industrialist as well as spokesperson for the small and tiny industries in India.

The tree planting ceremony was attended by all the employees of the company, plus the families of Mr M.S.Parthasarathy, and well wishers like Mr K R Ganapathy, Mr V S Krishnan, Mr N R Seshadri, Mr Bandhu Chandhok and finally , Mr A Srinivasan.

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