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TPI is an industry leader in the field of injection moulding that can process a wide variety of materials and offer additional post moulding services.
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Injection Moulding Company in India

TPI is one of the prominent plastic injection moulding companies in India that caters to the automotive, electrical, appliance and renewable energy industries. Injection Moulding is one of TPI’s primary services. With the combined power of cutting-edge machinery and high-end technology, TPI exceeds customer expectations in terms of quality and delivery time.

The infrastructure of TPI’s plastic injection moulding manufacturing unit includes 14 high-precision, conventional injection moulding machines with a range varying from 50 tons to 650 ton. All machines are supplemented with hopper driers, temperature controllers and hot runners. TPI believes in implementing reliable injection moulding principles with a professionally experienced crew. The facility is equipped to cater to injection moulding production 24/7 throughout the year.

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Operational Advantages

TPI has a wide range of machines from 50 T to 650 T.
Specialized in Insert moulding.
Value added post moulding processes such as pad printing, heat transfer printing, machining, and assembling.
In house tool room to manufacture and maintain moulds.
Machines are operated and maintained for high productivity.
Ability to process a large variety of materials.

Materials Utilized in Injection Molding

Affordable resin with high impact resistance, which is suitable for the production of plastic food containers.
Common group of thermoplastics that include 
High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE) and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE).
Low-cost, highly resistant thermoplastic that is suitable for the production of handheld consumer devices.
Tough, strong, super-stiff, heat-resistant polymers that are used for a wide range of industrial applications.
Insulation resistant polymer with high dielectric strength, strong dimensional stability and oil resistance.
Engineering thermoplastic with mechanical properties, and high chemical and abrasion resistance.

Auxiliary Equipments

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  • An injection molding machine supplemental component  pink colour  hot runner unit  with monitor displayed
  • An Injection moulding machine supplemental black & green colour  temperature controller component
  • Green Colour Oven an Injection molding equipment with white equipment  displayed under white background
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Injection Molding Components 
Manufactured at TPI

TPI is one of the top plastic moulding companies in India for plastic injection moulding
to deliver products that are versatile in function.

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Why Injection Molding

  • Injection moulding is highly efficient and provides a faster production cycle. The mould's size and complexity will decide the speed; however, we can achieve anywhere from 15 to 120 seconds in each cycle.
  • Offers great design flexibility, as these moulds are subjected to high pressure that results in hard pressing the plastic within the moulds.
  • Injection moulding equipment can produce more than thousands of parts resulting in high output even before maintaining the tools used.
  • Can produce parts with high tolerance, as the injection moulding process will typically produce parts with +/- 0.200 mm tolerance and at times can achieve tighter tolerances of up to +/- 0.1 mm.
  • Provides wide choices of polymer resins and multiple types of plastic materials
  • Allows the use of fillers in the moulding material, which adds more strength to the final component.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is injection moulding right for my product?

The type of moulding process depends on the product. The purpose of the product, its design, budget and the expected production cycle will influence the moulding process. Parts that require complex and intricate shapes and require a large volume of repeatable processes are an ideal candidate for injection moulding.

How do we use plastic injection mould?

The plastic mould is first inserted into the injection moulding machine and fitted into the clamping tools, which will keep the mould in place and closed. Plastic granules or pellets are injected into the moulding machine. The injected plastic is heated to form liquid plastic. The molten plastic is fed into the clamped mould using pressure. The liquid inside the mould undergoes a cooling process to solidify the plastic component, ready for use.

What are the different types of plastics used for injection molding?

Thermoplastic is the most common type of plastic used in the injection molding process. Thermoplastic is a polymer that can easily be molded and solidified at extreme temperatures.

What is the time required for building molds?

The production duration for building molds depends on the specific needs of the final part. We use P20 or C45 steel tooling to make molds that are required for short term use. Molds are also made for manufacturing millions of components. Our custom tooling process can manufacture the most complex tools within a limited duration.

How does overmolding differ from other injection moulding processes?

In overmolding, two different plastic materials are molded together to produce a plastic product with the right texture and density. Usually, a soft plastic material like TPR/TPE/TPU is molded with another rigid plastic material like ABS.

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