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TPI enhances its in-house machining capacity with the addition of HAAS CNC VMC 3

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TPI Advantage

From injection moulding, compression moulding, thermoset injection moulding, to mould design & manufacturing, we have it all under one roof! We at TPI believe in taking full responsibility for our projects and handle all aspects from design to qualification to production of molds and components.

We are one of the leading IATF certified moulders in India awarded with BVCI's IATF 16949 certification. IATF 16949 emphasizes the development of a process-oriented quality management system that provides for continual improvement, defect prevention and reduction of waste in the supply chain. TPI’s goal is to meet customer requirements efficiently and effectively. TPI has also been award the ZED Certificate by QCI – Quality Council of India. ZED emphasizes achieving a Zero Defect production process without impacting the environment.

At TPI, we have machines ranging from 50T to 650T and can service clients for all parts of their assemblies. All of our machines are equipped with hopper driers and other auxiliary equipments like mould temperature controllers, Hot Runner Systems etc. The plastic manufacturing factory is backed up with captive power generators ensuring that Customer requirements are fulfilled.
TPI has the capability to design and manufacture moulds as per Customer design. TPI manufactures various types of moulded components including hot runner, un-screwing, collapsible core etc .The custom injection moulds are then qualified in-house and a team of qualified quality engineers carry out layout inspection . The samples along with necessary quality documentation is then submitted to Customer for approval.
At TPI, in-house value-added services such as rapid prototyping, heat transfer labelling, sealing, post moulding curing and many more are carried out. We specialize in custom 3D printing using Fused Deposition Modelling (fdm), Stereolithography (sla) and multi jet fusion (mjf) technologies
Customers receive a perfect plastic component made of high-quality raw materials, ready for assembly without any hassle.
TPI has the knowledge and capability of working with both Commodity plastics and Engineering plastics including TPE.
Industries Served

One of the best plastic moulding companies in India, serving multiple industries with advanced technologies.

TPI manufactures functional components of excellent quality and at a low price. Due to its rapid manufacturing capabilities, Tech Plaastic Industrie has been the pioneer in manufacturing plastic components that caters to various industries in India.

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Plastic injection moulding component used in automotive industry for assembling
Plastic injection moulding component used in Electrical installation works from techplaastic -top Injection mould manufacturers
Plastic moulding in Knives used  in Kitchen manufactured by the Techplaastic - leading Injection moulding company
Kitchen utilities
Manufactures functional appliance components through multiple mass production methods.
Light brown colour  grenade Trigger pouch manufactured by Techplaastic best injection moulding company in India
White colour home security alarm system using plastic injection moulding with Armed away along with time 1.09 displayed
Windturbine manufactured using high-quality plastic from Techplaastic -best Injection mould manufacturer in India
Customer service, unwavering commitment to quality and accountability are TPI’s core values!
About Us
To retain and expand clientele base with consistency in quality, service excellence, competitive pricing, and foster a long-term customer relationship.
To pursue excellence in delivering superior quality products, in adopting top-notch manufacturing processes and in providing workforce training of international standards.
Values built on the foundation of customer service, satisfaction, unwavering commitment, accountability, professionalism, and consistent growth of stakeholders.
Awards and Recognition

Honours received for consistent quality in Plastic Moulding manufacturing capabilities

  • 2018 - IATF 16949 Certification
Customer Base

Delights customers with perfection and punctuality

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A 21, SIPCOT Industrial Park, Irrungattukottai,
Thandalam 55, Kanchipuram Dt. - 602 105,
Tamil Nadu, India

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The TPI experience and expertise promises a seamless, hassle-free collaboration and a flawless provision of services at competitive pricing in India. Make your plastic components with a company that has Operational Excellence as its core competence.

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Case Studies

With our expertise as one of the best plastic moulding companies in India, we solve multiple challenges faced by various industries on a global scale, TPI has evolved and grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry. TPI has resolved various technical hurdles across industrial sectors spanning over the USA, Australia, Japan, Namibia, Germany, and France.

Kanchipuram Facts

Tech Plaastic Being In Kanchipuram

  • Techplaastic industrie P Ltd  located in Kancheepuram that is famous for silk sarees (half white colour )
  • An injection moulding company Techplaastic Industries P Ltd one of the many established companies located in Kancheepuram, the home of the famous idol of Kailasanathar temple
  • Techplaastic Industrie P Ltd -an injection moulding company located in Kancheepuram, where the famous Kamatchi Amman  temple  situated
  • View of Chennai Sipcot  where Techplaastic Industrie P Ltd -Injection moulding company in India is located
The divine land rightly named as the “Land of Thousand Temples”.
Finest and the most elegant Kanchi silk sarees are woven here.
Known as “the best among cities” and a part of the mythical Dravida Kingdom.
Flourished under the rule of the Pallava dynasty and Vijayanagara empire.
Divided into two - Little Kanchi (Vishnu Kanchi) and Big Kanchi 
(Shiva Kanchi).
Irrungattukottai is a part of Kanchipuram district and a fast emerging suburb in Chennai.
Irrungattukottai is the central hub of many large manufacturing industries, including TPI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Among the plastic mould manufacturers in India, why do people choose Tech Plaastic Industrie?

Tech Plaastic has been designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds and plastic components ever since 1975. We accommodate client requirements and are flexible with our schedules to provide excellent customer service. The manufacturing process in TPI abides by the IATF Certified quality standards.

What are the different assemblies performed in TPI?

Tech Plaastic is a one-stop-shop for manufacturing injection molds and molded components. We provide both manual and automatic assembly and other packaging methods.

Does TPI do all work within their facility?

TPI has the complete capability to design and manufacture plastic molds for any components. We do all the major tasks of our projects in-house.

Is molding around metal components and inserts possible?

Yes, it is possible to mold around metal components and inserts. We can do it manually or semi-automated procedure.

Do TechPlastic mold metal components?

No. TechPastic does not mold metal components; however, we specialize in moulding plastics used in wood and metal replacements. Engineered plastics offer several benefits in terms of performance, weight, and cost.

What are the advantages of using plastic injection moulds?

The advantages of plastic molds include

  • Reduced weight and improved overall strength, tight tolerances, and toughness
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Conversion from plastic to metal is made easy
  • Plastic components require lesser secondary operations
  • Reduces manufacturing time, wastage, and overall costs
  • Provides better design flexibility
  • Easily adheres to different regulatory compliance requirements
  • Reduces packaging requirements and cost of shipping
  • Eases predictable manufacturing
  • Speeds up repeatable processes
  • Provides six times longer life