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Thermoset Injection Moulding

Tech Plaastic Industrie offers critical thermoset injection moulding components all across India and beyond.
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Thermoset Injection Moulding

Tech Plaastic Industrie is an industry leader in the manufacture of critical thermoset injection moulded components for the automotive & electrical industries. The infrastructure is designed to suit the requirements of demanding Customers looking for reliable source of moulded components at reasonable prices.

TPI processes both high performance Phenolic engineering compounds as well as general purpose phenolics. Our thermoset injection molding factory is equipped with both horizontal type moulding presses as well as vertical type moulding press for its range of insert moulded components.

locking hubs -Thermoset injection moulding component manufactured by Techplaastic Industrie p Ltd -the best injectiuon moulding company

Phenolic Injection Moulding

Phenolic injection molding is a type of plastic injection moulding that makes use of phenolic which is also called Bakelite. Phenolic is a resin made from aldehyde and phenol. Using phenolic resins has good mechanical strength, and stability. Its also provides high wear and heat resistance, less moisture absorption and is flexible in manufacturing.

The main reason for the increased acceptance in using phenolic resins in thermoset injection molding is its ability to maintain electrical and mechanical properties even at high temperatures. Phenolic, when molded and cured properly can withstand a temperature of around 550 fahrenheit. Phenolic injection moulding finds its application in power steering pulleys, power brake booster valve bodies, brake caliper pistons and solenoid cap.

Operational Advantages

Tonnage varying from 80T to 160T for thermoset Injection moulding.
30+ years of experience in thermoset mould design and manufacturing.
Specialised in insert moulding and over moulding components.
Specialised in both glass-filled and wood-filled material thermoset compounds.

Materials Utilized

Robust, hardy and versatile materials with chemical resistance and dielectric properties.
Strong glass fibres that are bonded between layers of thermoplastic for reinforced robustness.
High-grade thermosetting resins that are partially cured with uniform heat and pressure.
Thermoset polycondensate that is strengthened with fillers such as wood pulp and cellulose.
Melamine Formaldehyde is derived from melamine and formaldehyde.
Non-transparent thermosetting resin or polymer that is produced from urea and formaldehyde.
Thermosetting polymer that is known for its unique mechanical and resistant properties.

Auxiliary Equipments

  • Light green colour High Frequency preheater opened view manufactured Techplaastic Industrie P Ltd -the top thermoset molding companies in India
  • Light blue & yellow colour auto de flasher manufactured by tech plastic Industrie P Ltd-the best thermoset molding manufacturing company in India displayed under white back ground
  • Light blue & black colour Temperature controller with rolling wheels manufactured by TPI-best thermoset injection moulding company
  • White colour oven -an auxillary equipment manufactured by Techplaastic Industrie Pvt Ltd -thermoset injection molding company in India
Products made by TPI

Along with thermoplastic injection moulding and compression moulding, TPI offers its customers an opportunity to source Thermoset Injection moulded components also.

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Why Thermoset Injection Molding
  • Allows manufacturing of plastic components that weighs a few grams to several kilograms
  • Thermoset injection moulding will avoid the need for post production machining
  • The process makes use of right quality material to produce the required quantity
  • It is easy to produce, test and market small quantities of part components
  • High precision rapid prototyping is possible especially for the automobile and medical industry
  • Thermoset injection molding makes use of aluminium mold which is cheaper than steel mold
  • Thermoset injection molding is a cost effective means of manufacturing as it can rapidly produce large quantities of parts.
Premier Thermoset Injection Moulding
Thermoset parts can be hard to work with, but their electrical and thermal resistance properties make them a superior material. This is also the reason why thermoset plastics are always in demand in every industry. TPI is one of the leading thermoset injection manufacturers in the thermoset injection domain in India for many years and has been supplying parts to leading automotive and electrical companies such as Lucas TVS, Balaji pressings, GE.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you explain what exactly thermoset injection moulding is?

The irreversible process by which malleable and cold plastic materials are moulded by forcing it into a heated mould so as to make it in any desired shape is called thermoset moulding. The moulded part gets cured by this process and hence cannot be melted again.

What are the advantages of using a thermoset injection moulding process?

Thermosets will be able to withstand high temperatures and retain their shape and strength always. This characteristic is highly beneficial while creating large components and permanent pieces. It can be used multiple times and withstand extreme conditions too.

Can you list out the various applications of thermoset injection moulded products?

Thermoset plastics can be used in construction equipment panels, insulators, heat shields, agricultural feeding troughs, disc brake pistons, electrical components and housings, cell tower tops, motor components and circuit breakers.

What are the other services offered by TPI apart from molding?

As a plastic molding manufacturer we offer injection moulding, compression moulding, thermoset injection moulding and 3d printing services.

What is the process for designing a new plastic product?

TPI engineers and designers work closely with our customers to design a part for manufacturability and often make recommendations to improve the part or the manufacturing process for existing parts. We also offer mold flow simulation and analysis to assure that the mold will produce the part exactly as expected. Once final part design is approved, TPI builds the mold for manufacturing.

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