Compression Moulding

Tech Plaastic Industrie specializes in compression and transfer moulding. With over four decades of experience, TPI has mastered the Compression moulding process.

TPI Compression Moulding

TPI is an industry leader in high-quality compression and transfer moulding of thermoset plastics. The company was started in the year 1973 to cater to the automotive and electrical industries. TPI provides a wide range of services starting from plastic moulding, mould design, mould manufacture, production, assembly, and much more. We can mould your parts using DMC, SMC, PF, UF and specialise in the manufacture of insert moulded components. TPI has nine hydraulic machines ranging from 100 Tons to 150 Tons.

Operational Advantages

  • Production of highly-detailed and intricate precision parts.
  • Inclusion of Bottom Transfer Moulding & Insert Moulding.
  • Wide variety of thermoset materials can be processed.
  • Utilisation of drilling and tapping for seamless functioning.
  • Provision of in-house sub-assembly services for boosting production.

Materials Utilized

PF is strengthened with wood pulp and cellulose to change its natural brittleness.
UF is a non-transparent thermosetting polymer used for producing moulded objects.
Melamine Formaldehyde is a thermosetting plastic material made from melamine and formaldehyde.
DMC is used in a partially cured state either in the form of putty-like masses or granules.
SMC is made with glass fibres and thermoplastic and bonded together with heat.

Auxiliary Equipments

Products made by TPI

TPI’s compression moulding products are used in a large number of small and big industries across India.

Compression Moulding For High Productivity

TPI is armed with the experience and expertise to cater to the industrial demands of Compression Moulding components.

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