commitment of

Tech Plaastic Industrie to Quality

We are committed to deliver quality components through continuous improvements of our process to satisfy the increasing level of customer satisfaction.We will work to mould relationships with our customer through increased trust and confidence.

- M.P. Krishnan, Managing Director

தொடர் முன்னேற்றம் / KAIZEN

Continuous Improvement

To keep pace with the ever increasing expectations of our Customers, with respect to quality and cost, TPI actively engages in Thoddar Munnetram ( KAIZEN is a culture of sustained continuous improvement focusing on eliminating) of its processes. In some cases, TPI works very closely with Customers for changing product design to bring down cost of production and capital investment.

Continuous Improvement is a culture that focuses on eliminating waste in all systems and processes of an organization. The following structured continuous improvement programs have been initiated:

Quality Corner

Tech Plaastic Industrie takes all rejections – in-house or Customer end – very seriously . The complaint is discussed in a designated area - Quality Corner - by a cross functional team (CFT) . The CFT uses tools such as 7QC tools to arrive at the root cause of the problem and suggest action to be taken to avoid such rejections in the future.


Statistical Process Control

  • TPI uses SPC to monitor a process during its operation in order to control the quality of the products while they are being produced, rather than relying on inspection to find problems after production.

  • SPC is being used to track Cpks for all moulded parts
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    Approach To Advanced Quality Planning

    Before starting bulk production TPI carries out the following standard operating procedures

  • Process Qualification

  • Component Inspection to ensure that it adheres to the drawing

  • Preparation of a report as per the AOI (Agreement of Inspection)

  • Preparation of a complete PPAPS (Production Part Approval Process)

  • Obtain approval from quality control department of the customer before starting production.
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    Customer Feedback

    Supplier Audit - Lucas TVS (2019)

    Supplier Audit - Lucas TVS (2015)

    Supplier Audit - Lucas TVS (2015)

    Supplier Rating - TAFE

    Supplier Rating - ZF Gainesville LLC Gainesville Ga.

    Supplier Rating - Avlight